Our Collaborative Center

Welcome to our Functional Medicine center for whole life health! We aspire to promote wellness in our community through:

  • A Multidisciplinary Team of Health Professionals that have an Integrative and Holistic approach

  • Therapeutic Yoga and Mind-Body Wellness classes daily at our in-house studio

  • Food as Medicine Classes and Workshops

  • Movie Screenings and Presentations on Health and Wellness

    Utilizing Functional Medicine principles, we have created a compassionate, 360 degree, science-based, leading edge approach to health at all levels. We educate and engage our clients to treat root causes of illness -- moving beyond disease to build resilience, vitality and well-being.

    Our practitioners work collaboratively on patient cases utilizing each member's unique knowledge base to improve patient care and outcomes.

    Current practitioners include a Functional Medicine physician, naturopathic doctor, integrative pharmacist, dietician, and a massage/physical therapist. Both Dr. Christensen and Dr. Iratcabal are of the few Certified Functional Medicine Practitioners in DFW.


    We also have an in-house studio attached to our clinic that serves as a community space for various classes, workshops & events throughout the week. We have intelligently assembled a variety of classes & teachers to jumpstart you on your path from wherever you might be.

    Whether it’s learning to better understand your mind through Meditation, healing your body through therapeutic yoga, or lovingly take care of each other’s bodies in Vedic-Thai Bodywork, Carpathia strives to provide a healing & nourishing environment for whatever your aspiration might be.

    Check out our class schedules here:
    Mind-Body Wellness